It’s been a while…

8 10 2009

Well blogfans (if you have reached plural numbers reading this!)… It’s been a while since stewpot’s bloggy thing had the champers broken on its pointy end and the old gel slid down the greasy ironwork into the virgin sea to start its life. Have I had any particular insights since then? Er… Nope. Has anything monumental happened (apart from the ritual humiliation of sales conference time) er… Nope. Have I partaken of any fine Cava and export strength gin? Er.. Well actually yes… I have also been cooking miniature meatloaves and soufflés (not miniature soufflés) and am currently experimenting with brining as a marinade for Saturday’s evening feast. More of all these when I’m back at the laptop not trying to rewrite War and Peace on an iPod touchpad.




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